Friday, December 18, 2009

5 for Friday: from text vs. images to engagement

Text or image? The great battle.
Text is searchable. Image unless tagged is not readily so.
Put simply,the more visual the input becomes, the more likely it is to be recognized—and recalled.  John Medina
Google understand images and is reported to be doing lots of work on image recognition. One simple tool they have come up with will help you visualize how users will see you website.
To help you understand how everyone sees your website, we created a tool called Browser Size in our 20% time. Browser Size is based on a sample of data from visitors to Special code collects data on the height and width of the browser for a sample of users.

With the right image and the right layout, you can present a better site for the visitor. One that they would be more likely to engage with.
51 very eclectic and informational resources from the importance of middle management to fantastic pictures of 2009 to engage you in work and the world around you:
From employees to students, engagement is important.

Do you recognize the “wow” of your students? Are we cultivating such passion? Angela shares a story of a young learner and the habits necessary to ignite such a wow in students
Telling a compelling story can bring the readers to a different place. A place they want to come back to, and hopefully will to get that feeling again.

I’d used up my savings trying to make ends meet, supplementing as best I could with the money I earned from a dangerous part-time job that gave me all of 4 hours pay a week at minimum wage. I had been looking for a better job, but there were none to be had in the low-income/high-unemployment area where I lived.
I hope you enjoy this Five for Friday roundup:

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