Saturday, November 07, 2009

supposed to be

Today was supposed to be the LaidOff Camp event we had been planning for pretty much since July. The day was going to be full of busyness around the event. Last minute things to do.

Supposed to be greeting people, introducing folks to each other, making connections, learning, sharing, exchanging tips and tricks that have worked ...

Supposed to be yet canceled for lack of confirmed registrations. Only one third of the required number we needed to break-even had registered. We couldn't afford to take the financial risk. We are an all volunteer, non-profit group.

The Team will regroup. We will get together an plan something for Feb or March 2010.

We will need your feedback on what we could have done differently.

We have heard we should provide a registration option for those who don't want to pay by credit card online.

Should we still plan for the event on a Saturday? or plan for a weekday?

What would you want the event to be like?

You can help us prepare for our next try.

Chris Brogan wrote: "Celebrate small victories often. Mourn failures quickly. Do what is necessary without fanfare."


  1. Steve--the most obvious question is, what has the group done to seek corporate sponsors? Are there local employers who would be willing to kick in some bucks for this event?

    The companies to hit up would be the ones generating the most potential attendees. If presented as a means of providing service to their former employees with a tremendous bang for their buck, who knows? Some of them may bite.

    If you have already tried this tactic and I missed it, please forgive me. Just trying to help.

  2. Rick

    We considered it but did not pursue it as we did not get confirmation on a 501(c)3 certificate to use for LaidOff Camp.

    I was confident that the "power of we" could come through and sponsorships would not be required. Lesson learned!