Thursday, November 12, 2009

job search notes: Try writing someone else's resume

Stuck on your resume?
Feel that is doesn't really work for you?
Not sure what to modify to get the edge you need?

Try writing or rewriting someone else's resume. Stepping out of focus on your own will allow you to see the parts of the resume in a new light. To focus on the key words, the accomplishments told in a compelling manner.

When it is not your own words, your own background, you can step forward with a little more focus. When you have finished with theirs, hopefully you can step back to your own and look at it with a sense of detachment. And make good progress.

My monthly entry to the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog was on writing in a different format. Writing as if Shakespeare or Dostoevsky wrote. It is worth a read. You have my permission to click on over to read and review the article and the comments.

Have you tried writing a different format?
What did you learn?

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