Monday, November 23, 2009

job search notes: software to manage the search

How do you manage your job search details? How do you track the list of contacts, the actions and scheduled followup items?

Do you use
a spreadsheet
pieces of paper
or are they organized in a binder?

How about considering a software tool?

I met JR Rodrigues when preparing for the LaidOff Camp. He has developed a simple program based upon contact management software that will manage your job search effort.

It offers a free trial version. There is nothing wrong with a free trial.

The full license version is only $29. A decent price point, relatively low cost for those currently looking for work.

I downloaded my free trial version and will start playing with it today. If you'd like your own copy, you can go here to download the free version.

Or you can wait until mine expires 12/3/09 and see if I decide to purchase the full version.

For more information JR's program, visit

For more information on JR, you can find him on LinkedIn

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