Friday, November 13, 2009

Deja Brew - 6 kettles

The crew gathered at Deja Brew for a night of brewing some fine beer. Six kettles this time with the following:

Deja Fest: Our newest O fest, nice and malty

McTartan’s Scotch Ale: McEwan’s Clone – Amber & slightly sweet, some smoke

Dean Park Pilsner: ACBBD – A smooth, refreshing light Pilsner

Llevar Porter: If you like Ravell , you’ll love this one. Vanilla accents

Hearty Christmas Ale: A hearty Ale, spicy, flavorful and inviting!

Queen Bee Lager: One honey of a lager. Smooth and easy, very light.

Here is the kettle with the Hearty Christmas Ale in progress.

Deja Brew - brewing night  six kettles lined up for the crew

More pictures later!

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