Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What should presenters do in this multitasking world?

A great question has been tossed out there for discussion:

New Presenter and Learner Methods and Skills

from The Learning Circuits Blog

  1. What should we do as presenters in this multitasking world?
  2. Should presenters coach (or ban) people away from multitasking?
  3. As a presenter, how do you deal with the backchannel effectively? (I personally can't present and work with the backchannel at the same time.)
  4. How does the backchannel fit with effective note taking?
  5. What could a presenter do in 2 minutes at the start of a presentation to get this all to work out well?
  6. What should we do as learners?
  7. What if the presenter is not making effective use of our time?
  8. What have you seen that worked really well?
  9. What didn't work well? What would you do to change it?
  10. Any tools that make this better?
 What should presenters do in this multitasking world?

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