Sunday, October 25, 2009

The stars have aligned - let's go Revs!

Down to the final game of the season, the NE Revolution can continue their streak of making the playoffs with a win or a tie on the road at Columbus this afternoon.

It seemed improbable with the multitude of possible combinations for playoff scenarios but the one major factor only a few articles actually mentioned with some importance was the fact that all the major contenders for the final playoff spots were playing on the road.

So while the hype for some teams was there (i.e. Toronto in particular) that they were playing on the road where they historically have not done well was the key.

Chivas lost on the road at Chicago on Thursday to set up the weekend. Chicago's win gave the Support Shield to Columbus and guaranteed a place for Chicago.

DC tied on the road at KC. Toronto lost on the road at NY (their last game at Giant Stadium). FC Dallas lost on the road in Seattle (where they have arguably the best 12th man). Colorado lost on the road at Real Salt Lake.

Now all the Revs need to do is win or tie to make it! The MLS playoff standings are here.

The Revs should win. They have a good road record. They are also starting the same team, and more importantly, a healthy team for the second game in a row. This is important. Missing Twellman and Albright all season, then losing Ralston for the last several weeks has deprived the Revs of their top players. Several others have spent time on the sideline with injuries but all will be ready today.

The final regular season game. On the road. Against the Crew.

I am looking for a good Revs win!

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