Friday, October 16, 2009

5 for Friday

To help spread some good links today, here are 5 for Friday:

1 - great summary on what you should think about before you actually do it

The 5 Essential Pillars of a Social Media Campaign

from Social Media Examiner

Another Thought On Politeness In Job Search. When To Say Thank You.

from Spin Strategy - Blog

3 - This one is close to home in the sense that I did go back to my former employer on a short term contract position hoping for an extension or a move to full time.

After Landing a Job, Continuing to Network

from Laid Off And Looking

5 - Patti Digh has a series for "poetry wednesday" and this time features Naomi Shehab Nye reading a poem at the Dodge Poetry Festival. I was in the audience when this was recorded.

The Dodge is a biannual festival and although it was scheduled for 2010, word from the Dodge Foundation was that it would not be held. Alas the hue and cry of poetry lovers around rose and they have reconsidered. It will be held in Newark, NJ with details still to be provided. But it will be held in 2010. I plan on being there.

Will you join me for this festival of words?

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