Tuesday, September 01, 2009

If somebody would have predicted

If somebody would have told me that I would build a website(blog) for a customer, listen to a live stream of a social media conference (#gravsum) at Harvard featuring MC Hammer (amongst others), and then conduct a conference call with 5 talented people interested in bringing a LaidOff Camp to Providence or Boston; that all of these things would happen in one day, I'd have said they were crazy.

But! Yes, but. It did happen. Monday, August 31!

1 - The website (blog) will be revealed later. There is a review and approval process before releasing it to the world, all good.

2 - There were several take aways from the Harvard conference (Gravity Summit). I was able to tweet and capture many of my instant reactions during the MC Hammer portion I did spend time with. Briefly, MC Hammer (@mchammer) is a trust agent. From what I heard him say, he could have helped Chris Brogan/Julien Smith write the book. The video clip that follows picks some great highlights from the full day of the conference. MC Hammer wasn't the only one with great things to say about how to use social media for business. Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee), Ramon DeLeon (@Ramon_Deleon), Rodney Rumford (@rumford),

3 - The conference call kicked off our planning process for LaidOff Camp. We have work to do so stay tuned as we make progress.

It is September 1, what are you accomplishing today?

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