Wednesday, September 23, 2009

6 characteristics of a Trust Agent

I have finished reading, or devouring the book by Chris Brogan and Julian Smith, Trust Agents. In the course of my reading, I marked several parts. Marking a book used to be verboten when I was in school. It has become something of a habit, part of my learning process, as I have gotten older. It has also helped that the books I now mark are my own and not school books meant to be returned and reused by dozens, if not hundreds of others.

The main ideas behind the concept of trust agents are contained in these six characteristics:
  1. Make your own game
  2. One of us
  3. The Archimedes Effect
  4. Agent Zero
  5. Human Artist
  6. Build an Army
Subsequent chapters of the book develop the story behind these ideas. My book markings will help to illuminate the ideas.

The quote is from Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julian Smith. The explanation is my own.

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