Thursday, August 06, 2009

PodCamp Boston 4 Schedule Posted!

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via PodCamp Boston Podcast by (Christopher S. Penn, PodCamp Co-Founder) on 7/31/09

The formal discussion schedule for PodCamp Boston 4 has been posted and can be viewed on our Schedule page. A few notes:

1. Don't print it out just yet. It's subject to change.

2. You'll note there are 3 rooms and 1 space (possibly more) that are designated as open/unplanned. These are spaces that are lounges with comfortable seating designed for all the impromptu conversations, discussions, guitar performances, etc. that happen at PodCamps. We'll have a wiki page up on the day of the event that will let you schedule these spaces freely, and they're being left up to you entirely.

3. Did we mention it's subject to change?

4. The most important part of PodCamp isn't the schedule or planned discussions. These are at most a third of your PodCamp experience, if that. The real juice is in all the hallway conversations, all the side chats, impromptu activities, etc. that happen spontaneously. The planned discussions are there just to give you some starting points for discussions.

5. PodCamp obeys the Law of Two Feet: just because you sat down in a scheduled discussion doesn't mean you have to stay there. You are expected- obligated, really, to get up and walk out if you're not getting what you want out of the discussion. Go to another one. Go to an unplanned space. Get the most out of PodCamp by doing what you want to do, listening to the conversations you want to listen to.

Things you can do from here:

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