Saturday, August 01, 2009

PMC - Franklin Water Stop

The Pan Mass Challenge had a water stop this morning at the Remington/Jefferson School on Washington St. It was quite a colorful and festive affair. One rider after pulling over to catch her breath, asked what town she was in. When my wife and I answered, Franklin. She responded; "Oh Franklin, yes, you're a great water stop!"

Here are some pictures of the riders and greeters today:

May the road be kind to all the riders today, and may the wind be at your back!

If you would like to contribute to a rider, you can search for a rider by name here.

Amongst the several riders that I sponsored, Doug Haslam was kind enough to profile me on his blog. You can view that here.

Part of this posting also appeared on Franklin Matters today.


  1. Steve, thanks for posting that! Unfortunately, I did not start in Sturbridge, otherwise I would have hoped to see you at the Franklin Water stop (my ride began in Wellesley, and didn't merge with the riders you saw for another 15 miles or so).

    Thanks again for supporting the PMC!

  2. Doug, with 7 routes to choose from, I wasn't sure which one you'd be on. I didn't realize until late Friday night that there was a water stop here or I'd have reached out to find out which route your were on.

    I am glad to help!