Tuesday, August 18, 2009

job search notes: letter to self

How do you care for your inner circle?
The inner circle, that is those who have most subscribed to 'You'?

I appreciate your dilemma in trying to provide me something different and special here versus elsewhere. I think you can address this by providing some separation between what you do here and what you post elsewhere or tweet about.

The other part of the 'how' I would suggest is really how you deliver that special part of 'You' that we have subscribed to. We recognize that text is great for searching, speed reading, and ruminating upon (re-reading is easy). But does text really deliver 'you'?

I would suggest you consider video segments. Short, to the point, delivered with the passion and intensity that is provided by the person that walks in your shoes. Folks can see that when they meet you in person, why not help them when they can't?

Can you provide the video delivery via email?
Past experience has shown that clicking links within emails to open attachments, etc. are less successful than providing the text in the body. In this case, for the most devoted subscribers of 'You', it might be worth a shot to try.

After all, if anyone would click through, we are the most likely to do so. All other number studies were done from a study of the full population; the mix of 'followers', 'readers', and 'engaged' (to divide the audience into three parts). The engaged were the ones to click through. You have already segmented the 'engaged' here. It might be worth considering.

What do you think?

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