Friday, August 28, 2009

job search notes: attitude and gumption

Carolyn gets to study in Greece this coming semester.

How does she manage that?
She asked nicely saying: "Can I go abroad for the semester? It won't cost more than it would on campus."

Having done a little traveling abroad in my lifetime, it is an opportunity for a great experience. Given the scenario as posed, what else could we say (yes, Dolores of course was part of the decision): yes!

Attitude and gumption tend to go together. That is, if you have the proper attitude, you can get the gumption to do stuff. Like almost whatever you want. If you can think it, it can become real. Imagination requires very little other than some time.

Carolyn gets to study in Greece this semester. Had a little party to wish her wel

In the job search work team session this week, there were a couple of new folks. One just recently notified of her change to "unemployed" status, the other had already been out since early in July. Time makes a difference in this case. The most recent one was so down in the dumps it was almost funny if it wasn't so sad.

Those who have been unemployed have seen this first hand, been there done that. You have down periods, usually right at the beginning and then sometimes along the way. Working in a group setting like this job search work team, the dumps can be handled with appropriate support from the others.

The one requirements is a willingness, a readiness to accept the help. If the person in the dumps keeps coming back with "yes, but..." they are not ready yet.

We can only hope that when they are ready, that they do reach out. Help is available. We are in this together and we can succeed by helping each other.

And when we land our next position, we can celebrate with a delicious cake, or brownies, or cookies or whatever really floats the boat (if you know what I mean!).

Attitude and gumption go together like cake and ice cream!

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