Wednesday, August 05, 2009

job search notes: 5 steps - preparing for the interview

It has been awhile. You have sent out your resume into the proverbial "black hole" several times and not heard a word.

Finally, one of your submissions connects. You get a response. They like your skills and experience. Now, you have an interview to prepare for.

What do you do?
Panic? Heaven forbid, no!

1 - Remain calm

This is what you have been waiting and working for. This is the time when you get to show that you are THE skilled and experienced person that XYZ Company is looking for. Some butterflies will appear. That is normal. Now is the time to use them to drive the proper response, a calm and assured response.

2 - Research the company
It is likely that if the company is one that you have targeted, then you already should know some good information about them. Review the info. Is it what you want to have? If you need more use Google, Hoovers, LinkedIn or any number of other sources to find some information about the company.

3 - Don't forget to use your network
Reach out to your LinkedIn network to see if someone works there, used to work there, or knows someone who works there. See if they can provide some info on the company, what it is like to work there, etc.

4 - Get a good nights sleep the night before the night before!
Do you understand that? It is deliberate. The night before the interview you will be nervous. That is a normal human reaction. To ensure that some sleeplessness that night will not hurt you, you need to have gotten a good nights sleep the night before the night before. That night is actually very important. A good sleep then will allow you to still be fresh and alert even if you miss an hour or so due to the normal nerves.

5 - Be yourself.
Listen to all the advice. Thank the folks for their advice. Be sincere about it. They did take time to provide it, to provide some encouragement for you. Now, it is your turn to strut and show your stuff. Be calm, be yourself!

If you have something to add to this listening, please let me know.

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