Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good links to share

1 - What do you leave behind after an interview? Hopefully, a good impression.

Job Interviews: 10 Impressions You Leave Behind After an Interview

from Work Coach Cafe by Ronnie Ann


2 -

Your 2 Critical LinkedIn Networks

from Social Media Sonar by Sean


3 - The PodCamp Boston archive of posts and reflections

Invasion of the Pod Tweeple #pcb4

from by Kara B


4 - One book recommendation. I have ordered it. I have read his blog for some time. I have read his PDF teaser. This will be a good book. I have no doubt about it.

The Big Push

from by chrisbrogan


5 - Food for thought. Band width sync correlation. Say what? Yes please read for more about this interesting item

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