Sunday, July 19, 2009

a glorious day for a soccer game - Go Revs!

The Revs did win today, an impressive second half showing to take the victory 2-0 against Chivas USA. Goals by Dube (Joseph) and Ralston did the scoring in the second half. Shalrie Joseph made the big difference with his appearance to open the second half. The first half saw some chances go by the wayside.

For a team struggling with injuries, you would think that possession would be a focal point. The more time with the ball should lead to better chances. There are at least two changes I would suggest Steve Nicol make.

1 - Don't have Reis make a long goal kick, instead bring the ball on the ground through the backs to the wings or through the center, wherever the opportunity lies. The long kick ends up 60-80 percent of the time turning the possession over to the other team. Let's keep the ball and bring it up on the ground. Our strength is with the speed of the wingers, let's keep them in the play. We don't have the big strong forwards (except for the new guy Jankauskas) that can compete for and hold the ball successfully.

2 - Do away with the Barnes long throw in. For all the throws he has made, we have yet to score a goal and yet to have more than a half chance or two. It forces Barnes to make a long run, then hustle back which adds to the demands on him to play stellar defense. The players closer to the ball can take a shorter and quicker throw in. The quickness has more often lead to an advantage. The long throw allows the defense plenty of time to set up.

For any Revs followers, what do you think?