Saturday, May 16, 2009

Memory Lane: Hardy Boys

You can find some Hardy Boys books at the Franklin Library Book Sale today at the DPW on Hayward St.

I almost picked up these first four books of the Hardy Boys series. These bring back memories. One schoolmate had the series and we made sure to stay good friends to get the books as they were available.

The Tower Treasure
The House on the Cliff
The Secret of the Old Mill
The Missing Chums

Franklin W Dixon wrote the adventures of Frank and Joe Hardy as the solved mysteries around their hometown of Bayport. I recall several heated discussions amongst my brothers and others of our group when we found out that Franklin W Dixon was a pen name and not a real person. In fact, several authors contributed to the original series which first appeared in 1927 and the updated version which started in 1959. This was the series I grew up with.

There have been additional updates but by the time they came out I had moved on to other reading.

I recall my sisters getting into the Nancy Drew. Both the boys and girls got into The Happy Hollisters. Do you remember them?

What other book series did you read growing up?

Yes, that will show differences in age, but I am not concerned about that. I am more curious about the books that you grew up with.

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