Friday, May 22, 2009

job search notes: do you have stale LinkedIn invites?

By stale, I mean how old are they? I happened to be into my Contacts section recently and realized that I had 25 outstanding invitations. I clicked through to view them and then sorted to see the "Sent" invites by date.

Wow! One of them went back to 2007. A couple went back to Oct/Nov/Dec of 2008. Most were from Jan and Feb this year.

I don't know if you have thought about this but how long do you wait for someone to respond?

Granted some of them were in the status of "bounced". The email for the individual was not valid. I "withdrew" those invites where I did not have a different email address.

For those in the "sent but not responded to" state prior to April of this year, I withdrew them as well.

For those from April up to a couple of weeks ago, I did a "resend" supplying an email address I had obtained from the person via their card or other correspondence.

For those still open for the past couple of weeks, I left them alone for now.

Have you looked at your outstanding invitations recently?

How do you handle the old ones?

If you would like to connect on LinkedIn, please feel free to do so and reference this blog post or other appropriate connection for us.

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