Friday, April 17, 2009

Job Search Notes: LinkedIn Intuition

Found a good blog focusing on the use of LinkedIn:
It could be argued that much of your LinkedIn experience derives from your LinkedIn strategy. Do seek to connect with pretty much anyone, like a Lion? Do you only connect with those that you know very well, like a Turtle? Or do you connect with those you know and those you would like to know, like a Hound Dog?

If you read this blog on a regular basis you’ve noticed that I keep coming back to these three strategies. There’s a reason for that. I find my self changing strategies after almost three years on LinkedIn.

Here is what I used to believe. I believed that protecting the value of your network required that you know or have plans to get to know those that you were connected to. I believed that it only made sense to add new connections as I met people within my chamber or other offline networking events. Since my prospects are in Georgia I believed that there was limited value in connecting to others outside of the state.

Here is what I believe now. I believe that opportunities are not constrained by boundaries. I believe that those in my network can benefit from connections that I do not know or have never met with or spoken to. I believe that there are opportunities out there among people that I do not know. And finally, I believe that 99% of the time a larger network will provide more value than a smaller network.

Read this full posting here and consider subscribing to LinkedIn Intuition

Updated 4/18/09: someday blogger will enable spell check for the post titles. Just noticed the transposition and resulting misspelling of "search".

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