Monday, April 27, 2009

job search notes: building your brand

Picture the last meeting, seminar or class you took. People spoke and presented themselves and as they did, you built a picture of them, accurate or not. To you, one person might have been really smart, another funny, another shy, and another aggressive. These people, without realizing it, were presenting their personal brands to the world. Each time you go online, you present yourself in a similar fashion. You may talk about your products or your company, but you want to show more than simply your professional side and it's up to you to decide how to project the different parts of yourself.
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Scott’s new tagline is ‘Stop Marketing, Start Engaging’ and businesses and individuals would do well to take both this daily reminder and Scott’s tagline directive to heart. While I completely accept that Twitter is open to be used by anyone in any way that they so choose, the simple fact is that the majority of twitter users would benefit from directing their gaze outwards rather than in.

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