Wednesday, April 22, 2009

job search notes: attention women!

Lesley Johnston, the organizer, describes how it came about:

Social Networking for Business Women is all about connecting business women, learning from each other and supporting each others business growth. In order to celebrate this, I had a conversation with a few members after the first Twitter Networking Event and realized that through the group, I could give them a bigger voice to showcase their talents and amazing business skills.

After another conversation with Lisa McGuire from the same Twitter Event we made the dream of having an online event go from dream to reality overnight!

The whole idea for the conference was to provide speakers who would TEACH the attendees how to apply what they were teaching to their own business so that after the event, they would be able to reap the benefits instead of just attending talks. This event needed to be more step by step instructions.

My good blogging buddy from Scotland, Joanna Young will be one of the speakers at this online event for women on June 3rd.

If you are interested, please visit her site for more information. Using the links on her site enables the affiliate revenue generation model to work well.

You can also contact Joanna to receive a discount code off the registration fee.

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