Friday, March 13, 2009

job search notes: the power of connections

There is a group on LinkedIn called "Social Networking to Get Work"

One of the members posted a link to a Wall Street Journal article about how the resume goes into a "black hole" when submitted. So this is where social networking tools come into play and we can take charge instead of waiting.

Current event: I attended a social media event on Tuesday. I had heard about it before but on Monday picked up through Twitter that someone had free passes. I happened to know that person, asked for a pass, received one and was there on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, I saw another Twitter from one of the people I talked with on Tuesday about a job with company x. It sounded good so I applied via the company website form.

Right after applying, I came to LinkedIn, looked up company x and found that I had two connections, all indirect (#2) through four of my contacts. I sent each of them an email describing my interest in the position, a copy of my resume, and a note that it appeared that they knew so and so at company x. Anything they could do would be appreciated.

I heard back from all four contacts on Thursday. The one who had provided the original tip also confirmed that they had in fact received my resume.

Later on Thursday, I got a notice of being followed in Twitter by a person who just happens to work at company x. Coincidence?

Stay tuned to find out what happens from here.

In the meantime, take charge of what you do when you submit a resume.

Use your network to let folks know of your interest.

It is better than sitting and waiting!

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