Sunday, February 22, 2009

English quiz

From the Rhode Island Spring Flower & Garden Show flier comes the following introductory passage. See if you can find your way to the grammatical mistake:
Pack your passports, bags, cameras and binoculars. Get ready to discover a side of nature you've never seen before, at the 16th Annual Rhode Island Spring Flower & Garden Show. "Gardens of the World" is the Show's theme, which takes you on a journey through distant and exotic places. You show "passport" transports you through 30 gardens and an expedition to the Australia Outback, over to Mexico and South America with Mayan and Incan ruins, and into Tuscany, Spain and more. Don't miss your ticket to a horticultural melting pot that brings adventure, warmth and beauty, all with a promise of spring.
Several people must have missed that. Did you find it?

Hint: They did fix it on the web site but many pamphlets were printed incorrectly.