Saturday, January 10, 2009


The household received a mailing from Omaha Steaks yesterday that I found interesting for a couple of reasons.

1 - This one was delivered on time. On time, yes. The last one we received in December arrived after the selected sale dates so the coupon did not do us much good. Who was responsible for the delay I could not determine. It could have been Omaha, or their marketing agent, or the US Postal Service. It was holiday mailing season and it was late so the coupon was not going to be effective for us anyway.

2 - Since this one came in time, I paid more attention to the details of what was offered and what was pictured. As you view the slide show, note the details on the quantities offered in this package. I see only one item clearly and distinctly pictured in the proper quantity. Now, yes that may be picky. A couple of plates are clearly only partially shown so I'll concede those. The center plate, the center of our attention however, does not agree with the offer quantity.

Bottomline: Be careful for what you are getting!

3 - The emphasis on "Introductory offer". Granted it is associated with their introduction to the region but I would normally associate this term with something you have to join. Are we joining or subscribing to something here? I would have expected something more along the lines of a "Grand Opening Sale" .

The slide show is here:

Note: We have had a gift or two of Omaha Steaks and the quality is rather high. It is also priced for the premium quality provided and I won't always pay that premium.

What do you think about this "Introductory offer"?

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