Monday, January 26, 2009

Rapid Fire Learning - January 2009

This was originally left as a comment as part of Rapid Fire Learning over on the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog. Click on over to read the other learnings that have occurred this January.

Thanks for hosting this David. I have my five "learnings" this month but I think they are really centered around one recurring theme that "words matter".

1 - I am dusting off the resume as the job search gets energized this month. Action words, accomplishments, and my skills all need to be expressed with just the right words to make it readily apparent that I can deliver value to a company.

2 - President Obama's Inaugural Address may not have been as flowery as some of his other speeches but it was still carefully crafted for the effect it created. Words matter!

3 - On the public service front; I am part of the Steering Committee for the Franklin School District's strategic plan. We are crafting the release to announce our effort and engage the community. Yes, the words matter.

4 - I saw the movie "King Corn" last night. Inspired by Michael Pollen's book "The Omnivores Dilemma", two guys rent an acre, plant it with corn and then discover what happens to it in the food stream. Did you know that when you eat at McDonald's, most of what you have has corn in it? The food industry gets away with this because the words they use don't raise an alarm about what we eat. Words Matter!

5 - One local program to help teens confront their alcohol and substance abuse problems is in jeopardy due to the state budget cuts. I am embarking on an effort to assist the founder, Bill Phillips, with fund raising to continue his program. There are over 150 teens in the program now and to them Bill's words of encouragement and counseling matter. Without these words, alcohol or drugs may control their life. With Bill's words, they have a chance of controlling their life. Words matter!

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