Friday, January 30, 2009

Five for Friday

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Five for Friday:

1 - First up, a look back on 2008 and an outlook on spam for 2009.
... the only thing we can really say with certainty about 2009 is that spam and viruses will continue to be unpredictable. And given that uncertainty, virus detection and blocking technologies become even more important.
Read the full article with the behind the scenes look from Google's perspective here

2 - So you want to take your picture each day for some period of time. Wouldn't it be nice to have a web site to save those to? Wouldn't it be nice to get a reminder to take your picture if you hadn't already? Have no fear, that web site is already here: Daily Mug Shot

3 - Twitter has been all the rage recently but Facebook should not be forgotten.
You're looking at my first grade class, circa 1964. (Can you guess which one is me?) I haven't kept in touch with most of my first grade classmates, although I remember all their names. I hadn't thought about my first grade teacher, Mrs. Segal, in over 40 years until this weekend when she friended me on Facebook!
Okay, you can click through to see the picture Beth Kanter refers to and read the remainder of her story here

4 - Fund raising via Twitter and other social media outlets is a worthy news item.
Look out, the next reiteration of micro fundraising on Twitter is coming on February 12, 2009 and will combine online twitter fundraising with a groundswell of offline self organizing events. Called Twestival, Twitter users will meet up in over 100 plus cities to socialize offline, meet other Twitter users, enjoy some fun, have a few drinks, and raise money for charity: water.
You can click through to read the remainder of the posting that Beth Kanter put together here.

5 - And finally a graphical depiction of President Obama's inaugural address and the explanation on how it was completed. Well worth reading!

Her reflection about capturing Obama’s exact words brought to mind one of the challenges/questions I face when doing either text or visual summaries of group conversations. How important is individual recognition and ownership of the words? When are quotes essential and when does distillation add more. Clearly in this case there was a sole focus on Obama. But Brandy’s articulation of the point gave me food for thought.

Nancy White's posting is here

Brandy Agerbeck's original posting

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