Friday, January 09, 2009

Drinking beer as meditation exercise?

Yes, folks. This comes from meditation exercise comes from a high authority.
Drinking beer can be a meditative practice. Or not. The binge drinking of our college years in which we slurped down cans of Natural Light was mindless. What we are seeking is mindful activity. If you go to a pub and request an aromatic Pliny the Elder or a Brother David's Double, first observe the beer. Watch the colors, the swirling of the amber liquid, and the haze created by unfiltered and cask-conditioned ale. Then bring the glass to your nose and take a whiff. This can actually be one of the best parts of drinking beer, enjoying the nose.
You have my permission to click through and read the full article in Ode Magazine here

For all my Deja Brew friends, this one is for you!

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