Tuesday, December 16, 2008

new desk for study

new desk for study, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Some assembly was required and it was completed without too much trouble last evening. I chuckled at the instructions:

"Only one person is necessary for the assembly of this product. However one or more step may need a second person to assist."

I was more concerned because the Allen wrench connections were to be hand done:

"Do not fully tighten Allen bolts until Step 17"

Guess how many steps there were?

Yep, 17. How did you know?

They also instruct on Step 17:

"You may need to go back through the steps to make sure you have tightened them all."

I don't see the need for the "flexibility" that they seemed to prepare for. The tolerance for alignment shouldn't be so loose as to leave the connections incomplete until the end. It would make much more sense to tighten the blots as you go along the way.

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