Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Michael Graves Coffeemaker - updated

You may have noticed that Michael Graves has some designer goods at Target. I stopped in for only the second time to look for and pickup a new coffee maker as ours decided to quit.

His coffee maker was in the mid-price range and seemed to have some good features to make it worthwhile. It is manufactured by Hamilton Beach.

The water container comes out and makes it easy to load.
He still uses paper coffee filters so it is not very green on that front. And speaking of green, did you notice the blue oval! It is bright enough to light up the entire kitchen in the dark. You could use the coffee maker for the dual purpose of coffee and night light, that might qualify for a little green savings.

Michael Graves design coffeemaker

For all the Michael Graves designed items at Target click here or go to Target and search for "Michael Graves".


I was pleasantly surprised to find this model rated by Consumer Reports as a best buy. I agree it is priced well for the competition. As we have now been using it for a few weeks, the one significant draw back that it has is that the coffee container doesn't sit easily into its slot. Once removed, it takes a minute or so to find just the right spot for it. Why couldn't it have been designed to only go back in one way?

Maybe the next model will do that!

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