Friday, December 05, 2008

The cost of now

More than ever, there's a clear relationship between how new something is and how much it costs to discover that news.
Seth Godin, always a thought stirrer in my book, has an interesting post today. You can read the full posting here.

There is also a cost to deliver the news. Some of you may be aware that I do "live blogging" for Franklin Matters. I do this for as many School Committee, Town Council and other town meetings of events as I can. Oh and this is when I don't forget to bring my power cord with me. The combination of the live network connection and taking notes drains the battery in less than an hour. Simply taking notes without connection to the internet extends the battery life closer to the two hours it should be.

The live notes while they are real time, generally are a straight capture of the transactions, conversations, whatever is going on. Very little editing or commentary is added. I am too busy keeping track of what is being said by whom, etc.

The post meeting notes are better written, there is a definite flow or line of thought to them as I have had time to sort things out no matter how the meeting went or who said what when.

This is not a new discussion for me. I have been thinking about this quick a bit. I want to make a decision based upon the readership. Do I get more activity from live blogging or from the post meeting notes?

The jury is still out on that one.

If you would like to share your thoughts, please let me know via comment or email (shersteve at gmail dot com).

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