Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bookshelf down

I have dismantled the book shelf in the study in order to clear the room for a fresh coat of paint and new carpet.

Partly because the room needs painting, partly because I'll need a formal desk, partly because it was just time to do it.

Taking the books and other stuff off the shelves took the longest amount of time. Once the shelves were clear, taking it apart was easy. My grandfather, Armand Joyal, had helped me craft this. He was a cabinet maker and a real craftsman. The simplicity of the design: steel dowels to support the shelving, the reuse of the two outside poles from my family's basketball hoop, the two angle brackets to tie the shelving to the wall, all marvelous.

Here is a condensed view of the dismantling:

What work around the house do you like to do?

Painting, cleaning, gardening, cooking, ???

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