Monday, November 24, 2008

Time zone

I took my father to the Veteran's Hospital in Providence for his annual check up recently. I was pleasantly surprised by the overall experience having heard some weird stories beforehand.

The reception was pleasant and efficient. Dad had not yet received his VA card so we were directed to an office to get one. We waited a few minutes out the office for the woman to finish with the person she was working with.

When we entered the office, I noticed the daily calendar over her desk was still showing that the day was Friday, November 7th. (Yes, we were there several days later).

As I checked the clock on the wall, it was also one hour later than it should have been. I guess it had not been set back for Daylight Savings (now 2 weekends prior).

Fortunately, these were the only two oddities. The remainder of the visit was efficient and well done.

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