Friday, November 28, 2008

Panic button anyone?

Panic Button

Preparing to paint the study, I am cleaning off my huge book case which was filled with books and all kinds of collectibles. Stay tuned, I have a good "mug" shot coming.

Amongst the items I discovered was this "panic button". It has tape on the bottom so you could add it to a computer keyboard. I do recall picking it up at a conference somewhere along the way. It has no company markings on it so whatever leverage they were hoping to obtain by this "swag" they lost.

It is a timely find given the Wall Street volatility and overall economic outlook. But no, I am not ready to use this button.

How are your spirits? Would you use this button?

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  1. Hi Steve, If I used that panic button for market swings, the letters would have rubbed off in about a month. I'm finally starting to get accustomed to the volatility and no longer have the urge to panic. Thank goodness!

  2. Brad,that is true. I wonder how durable the button is? I get the feeling that designers for this kind of button expect it to be used once.