Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tweetscan report for #blogherboston

So much learning, so little time to sit and write it all down. As a short cut, here is the Tweetscan report for #blogherboston for yesterday's Twitter activity. Note, there were multiple tags used yesterday, so this is not all the tweets. This tag seemed to be the most used but even with this report, it doesn't show all that I saw as it went by live yesterday.

Anyway, here is some good info on what was occuring yesterday, including plenty of folks and links to follow:

JanePorricelli : My photos from #blogherboston Reply
lizbdavis : mostly mommy bloggers @ BlogHer conference, I did manage to find one other edtechie: @tracyrosen told her about educon 2.1! #blogherboston Reply
lisawilliams : @Lauriesm hi! thanks for coming to #blogherboston. I did more on the blog policy stuff as promised here: Reply
lizbdavis : I learned a lot today about search engine optimization SEO, about customizing my blog. I'm working on the custom part now. #blogherboston Reply
lisawilliams : As promised to attendees of #blogherboston: The Art of the Blog Policy. See it at: over at Reply
kdahlface : blogherboston# friends: my friend,, can help you with your blog web dev needs. she's an accessibility expert. Reply
JanePorricelli : @pagirly That's wonderful about your in-laws adopting a GSD! I met a bunch of dog moms like myself today at #blogherboston ! Reply
Momisodes : Back from BlogHerBoston. A fabulous time! Did I mention there was an open bar? Reply
tracyrosen : @sherrypardy and I was certainly one of those straight-sitter-uppers at mention of open bar :) #blogherboston Nice to meet you!! Reply
pamelump : Had a great time today at #blogherboston. Way tired - relaxing with a movie I think. Reply
jeffcutler : @SavvyAuntie one of the people live blogging #blogherboston asked about non-mom blogher sites and I said was one. Reply
Mom101 : @lisastone so nice to hear! Missing you all - hope #blogherboston is great. Although then, it makes me feel worse for being home. Reply
temptingmama : *wOOt* Bring on the fuckin' booze! #blogherboston Reply
AlexCaseyBaby : just left #blogherboston. good day. Reply
sgetgood : @AGirlMustShop Can lead the horse to water canna make him drink #blogherboston Reply
temptingmama : Dude. Who knew you could swear at #blogherboston? Reply
kristysf : #blogherboston Cocktail party is across from Salons G-J (across from where the social media track was) in New England Suites. Enter Vermont. Reply
sgetgood : battery about to die see you at the bar #blogherboston Reply
zchamu : OK, signing off, tweeps. I apologize to those who weren't at #blogherboston for all the noise. I will shut my pie hole henceforth. Ta! Reply
sgetgood : @AGirlMustShop there's just so much here in this commty that they could learn from #blogherboston Reply
LisaStone : @sassymonkey tells of breaking a self-imposed book-buying ban for an author who was reading her blog and WROTE to her #blogherboston Reply
sassymonkey : All my email today is twitter/blogherboston connected. :) Reply
sherrypardy : I saw many women sit up right straight at the mention of open bar #blogherboston Reply
moonfever0 : The Saturn test drives at #blogherboston were awesome. Here I am: Reply
JanePorricelli : leaving #blogherboston, stuck in traffic on rt. 128 :-( but had lots of fun today :-) Reply
tracyrosen : #blogherboston this closing session is a disapointment. The rest of the day does not warrant this lack of closure. just saying. Reply
sgetgood : @Velma we need to meet f2f before today over #blogherboston Reply
MeganSul : At Keynote at BlogHerBoston - how has blogging changed your life? Reply
LisaStone : Retweet @sgetgood: Great turnout of local BlogHers and some newbies but expected to see more of the guys #blogherboston Reply
KendraBracken : Heading home after a great day #blogherboston! Met some wonderful people & learned a ton! Reply

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