Saturday, October 04, 2008

Poetic revisions

Originally posted as a comment over at the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog, this will give you some insight in to poetry and revisions.

One of the discussion questions at each Dodge Poetry Festival I have attended is when is a poem done? When do you know it is finished? The answers vary poet by poet. One of the best answers I have heard is from Galway Kinnell who generally reads his poems from memory. He said when he is able to remember the poem by heart, and putting his hand over his heart and stomach for emphasis, he says the poem is done.

My limerick got modified today. I read it again and realized the tense was "past" and not appropriate for this lively group so it changed in the first line from "was" to "is".

I also realized that even though I tried to go "jubilant joyful" for emphasis, the sequence just doesn't flow off the tongue the same way as "Joyful jubilant", so that order in line two was switched.

I can rest easier now. I haven't completely memorized it yet but it is closer now.


The limerick can be found on the JJL blog here or on quiet poet here

PS - Galway is also a native Rhode Islander. We were both born in Providence, although he was many years before me.

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