Monday, October 20, 2008

How about this for a smart pen?

TC_SC_80109aImage by shersteve via FlickrWhen I do my live reporting for the Town Council, School Committee and other Franklin meetings, I have my laptop and MP3 recorder ready and operational. There are times when this would be inconvenient and reverting to simple pen and pad would be easier. This pen, the Pulse from Lightscribe would provide almost the same technology in a smaller form factor.

How does it do it?

Check out this customer testimonial video:

For more information, visit the Lightscribe page here. The 1GB pen lists for $149 and the 2GB pen lists for $199.

This just might be an item to make it to my wish list! The one draw back for me is you do need to use special paper. However, you are not limited to just their stock. You can download and print additional pages on your own.

Thanks to Jeff R for the pointer!
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