Monday, October 13, 2008

Dodge Poetry Festival 2008 - My takeaways

I'll do a series of posts on the recent Dodge Poetry Festival 2008 to review my takeaways.

Robert Hass said:
"Most of our interesting thoughts have about 17 things in them at the same time... it comes to be poetry in how you dole out the prose."
I think this is where intent and attention come to play. If you truly have 17 things playing about in the gray matter, you need to focus on the intent of what you are about and pay attention to what you are about in order to deliver the message.

I think I have good focus but I am not sure that I take you along with me each step of the journey. I suspect, I can jump to a conclusion quicker than you can and if I don't set you up properly, I will have signaled for the left turn and you were expecting a right turn.

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