Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BlogherBoston - Recap - Part 1

There are a whole bunch of photos up on Flickr from BlogHerBoston which took place on the Saturday of the Columbus Day weekend.

I went to meet some folks there that I would not have had an opportunity to meet easily elsewhere. To say that I was in a "manority" at the conference would be perfectly true. I think other than along the vendor tables, there were only a handful of us amongst the women.

The conference buzz began in earnest with a "speed dating" type icebreaker. We all formed into two lines facing each other across and along the main hall. At the sound of go, we had five minutes to exchange who we were, what we were about and if lucky to also exchange cards to remember who we met. I was fortunate to meet

Liz Henry - amongst the many things we talked about in our quick session and later during the cocktail part, the major item I took away was her suggestion to use MySpace to reach the teenagers in Franklin and thus to capture some attention that way.

Colleen Kamen - a researcher at the Center for Future Civic Media, this was a fortunate meeting as she was also part of the panel discussion for the first session I participated in.

Julie Hall - she works for Schneider Associates a Boston area PR firm.

Jory Des Jardins - we have corresponded for quite a while so it was a pleasure to finally meet in person. If you haven't found her blog at Pause, consider stopping by.

Lisa Williams - the founder of Placeblogger, and local blogger at H2OTown, she was one of the key reasons to be at BlogHer. She was going to be on a panel discussion on "Can Social Media save Media".

more to follow....

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