Saturday, September 27, 2008

Janet E. Aalfs - Dodge Poetry Festival

Janet E. Aalfs reads her poetry with her voice while performing a martial arts movement. A different presentation of a poem.

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Poets laureate of the US - Dodge Poetry Festival

Five poets laureate of the US sit down to discuss their experience in the position. Maxine Kumin, Robert Hass, Billy Collins, Ted Kooser, and the current laureate: Charles Simic.

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Steve Sanfield - Dodge Poetry Festival

Steve Sanfield reading in the church, one of the wonderful settings here at Waterloo Village, for the Dodge Poetry Festival.

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Coleman Barks and friends - Dodge Poetry Festiva

Coleman Barks quietly preparing to read Rumi on Saturday morning, yes early this morning. A good time for Rumi. Course, anytime is a good time for Rumi.
This one is special as Coleman will be accompanied by David Darling, Glen Valez, and Steve Gorn. They have not joined him on stage yet!

Early morning Rumi!

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Taha Mohammed Ali - Dodge Poetry 2006

One of the more impressive performances during all my participation with the Dodge Poetry Festival.

One of the objectives of poets is to ask tough questions, Taha achieved that!

Friday, September 26, 2008

David Darling/Steve Gorn - Dodge Poetry Festival

David Darling and Steve Gorn playing to open the Friday night session at the Dodge Poetry Festival.

Did you hear that there is a new channel on YouTube? Yes, for poetry!

Look for "grdodge"

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Sharon Olds - Dodge Poetry Festival

Sharon Olds talking poetry this morning at the Dodge Poetry Festival. Sharon says "I am writing for my fellow children, however old we are."

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Flip Chart Humor

Simple flip charts used well. Enjoy this humor today.

After viewing, go make your own flip charts!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

David Grant - Dodge Poetry Festival

David Grant announcing that the Dodge Poetry channel opens on YouTube on Friday, Sep 26.

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Steve Sanfield - Dodge Poetry Festival

Steve Sanfield speaking about poetry and story telling in the Waterloo Village church. The village environment felt strange to him until he smelt a skunk wandering around. Then he felt at home.

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Mark Doty - Dodge Poetry Festival

Mark Doty talking about the individual effort of making a poem and bringing the solitary art of making the poem into this great public space.

What do you make of your space?

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Naomi Shihab Nye - Dodge Poetry Festival

Naomi Shihab Nye talking about her poetry and a former teacher who thought poetry was the center of the universe.

Does poetry have a place in your world?

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Robert Hass - Dodge Poetry Festival

Robert Hass on the main stage opens the 2008 Dodge Poetry Festival. About to go swimming in words!

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red eye blue eye

simple design cues, red = hot, blue = cold

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dorchester Branch - new RR span

one section of the new railroad bridge being put in on the Dorchester Branch. This delays the 4:30 PM train to Franklin. Now at least there is a real visible sign of progress.

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4th Anniversary

Yes, the time is continuing to fly so much so that the 4th anniversary of the first posting here has already passed (9/15).

Thank you to all who stop by to read.
Many thanks to those who take the time to comment or send an email.

Blog Status
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Dodge Poetry Festival 9/25 - 9/28

Festival planning who is
Reading what, when, where
Do I go to swim in words?

What is a sherku?

I haven't recently posted my poetry here, usually it is over at quiet poet. Since I am challenging myself to write in response to Patti Digh's wonderful Life Is a Verb, I decided to post this here.

If you want more sherku on or from or about Life is a Verb, you have my permission to click on over and read.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Seat back tear blues

The blue duct tape doesn't completely cover the tear in the seat back. Should we leave the tear partially exposed as a reminder of how bad it could be? If the tear were completely covered, the blues are different and would still create a notice.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The final product - sausage ragout with linguine

The finished product didn't stay on the plate too long. We were hungry. It was good.

The recipe made enough for four so the two of us will have leftovers. I suspect the ragout will get "happier" sitting in the frig and then getting warmed up for the second and possible third time!

One change we made was to use chicken sausage to reduce the overall fat content. The second change was to use whole wheat pasta to increase the fiber content.

Both changes, at least in the first sitting, were quite good!

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What's for dinner tonight?

Doesn't this look delicious? The recipe is from the 9/14/08 Parade Magazine. Sausage ragout with linguine. Dolores and I teamed up in the kitchen to put this together.

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Franklin Matters milestone

Franklin Matters, my blog for all that matters in Franklin, especially around the affairs of the school and town budget, reached a milestone yesterday with its 1,000 posting on Friday, September 19th.

Of the blogs that I write, this blog was the quickest to 1,000 posts.

Yes, Franklin does matter to me!

Karley Rose Fountain Grass - pennisetum

A neighbor had stopped by recently inquiring on the name for the ornamental grass in our front yard. I checked with my broher-in-law who had handled the landscaping for us.

It is called "Karley Rose Fountain Grass". A good sounding name for such a good spray of grass.

The Latin name is "pennisetum".

Now we all know what it is called!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Caso's Neighborhood Bar & Grill


The menu at Caso's Neighborhood Bar & Grill in Franklin, MA. My first visit to the renamed and re-opened restaurant. The calamari was available and nicely prepared as the appetizer. The main courses were well prepared and served hot. A place to come back to!

Why is is important for the calamari to be available?
There was another re-opened restaurant in Franklin that also had it on it's menu and after three visits, still no calamari. Guess what? Won't be going there again any time soon. If it is on the menu, deliver it or take it off.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Train derailed at South Station

I was too slow to take a picture as the Franklin train left South Station today. We were late leaving due to track problem that fully revealed itself as a derailment on a switch close to the platforms between Track 1 and 2. The coaches were upright and tilted slightly as they straddled the track, wheels off the track itself.

We go over those switches multiple times a day. Just in the past couple of months now this is our second derailment at South Station.

Is this a mechanical failure or human error?

Will the MBTA let us know?

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Space from the old, filled with the new

I worked from home this to allow the guys in to replace our furnace. I came down to see how they were doing and the old furnace was already gone!

Where the old furnace was

It didn't seem like to much later when they were wrapping up, cleaning up and getting ready to show me a couple of things about our new furnace.

What the new furnace looks like

With the increase in home heating oil prices, this should be a good money saver this winter.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Patti Digh: down memory lane in my archives

Once upon a time, as part of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Blogosphere, I found an wrote about Patti Digh and 37 Days back in June 2005. At that time, her posting "Redefining Normal" had caught my attention. It would be the first of many.

Her one line bio gets to the point:
Whatever else I am or do, my most important job is being a mother to my two daughters.

Unfortunately, the link to the original "Redefining Normal" is broken. She did update it as "N is for Normal". The most current version is included in Life is a Verb.

In December 2005, Patti wrote "Monogram your pancakes." What started as a comment on her posting ended up more fully polished as my own post: Monogram pancakes

In March 2006, I took up one of her 37 Days Challenges. At the time, she was challenging to write short posts. As I was already writing short posts, I turn the challenge to write longer posts, to spend the time crafting the writing before publishing.

Later that month, one of my longer writings made a guest post appearance at Ronni Bennett's As Time Goes By.

In April 2006, Patti wrote about bubbles.

In May 2006, she wrote about Ocham's Razor.

In August 2006, she wrote about joint birthdays and later that month about portfolios.

In September 2006, she wrote about opening doors.

In December 2006, she wrote about holding penguins dear.

In March 2007, she wrote about Pippi Longstocking

In June 2007, she had a license plate to share

How about that for a sampling of Patti's wonderful writing? Thank you, Patti!

Do you have a favorite writing of hers to share?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Interview with Patti Digh, "Life is a Verb"

Two great events are occurring this month:

  1. The theme of "Citizen publisher" is being explored at the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog
  2. Patti Digh is celebrating the publication of Life is a Verb

How cool is it that they are related?

Patti Digh, the wonderful writer of 37 Days, found her intention with the unfortunate passing of her step-father. That intention, leaving a legacy for her daughters, sparked the essays of 37 Days and has also spawned a book, Life is a Verb. I believe this is one of the better examples of defining your intention, focusing your attention, and developing a community.

I was very fortunate to spending some time talking with Patti recently. Over the course of a couple of phone calls I managed to obtain a good recording of our conversation. A couple? Yes, there was some learning involved. I needed to figure out the configuration settings for the software I was using.

The first time, it kept stopping after 2 minutes. The free version only allows two minutes of a recording but I had upgraded to the paid version. Alas, I also needed to restart the application. It was not smart enough to know it had already obtained the license key.

The second time, the conversation proceeded smoothly. Patti and I had a wonderful talk. As I exported the file to an MP3, the synchronization of our two voices got messed up. It sounded like we were stepping on each others voices eager to get our words in. This was far from reality. I couldn't publish this. It did not do justice to our conversation! Into the FAQ section, I delved only to find that in my eagerness to not miss a single word of our conversation, I had started recording too early. You needed to start recording during the conversation so it could learn and synchronize the voices. Duh!

The third time was the charm, Now with practice for our questions and answers, the conversation began yet again and this time, with some minor exceptions, our voices were recorded and play back appropriately. In those spots where the overlap occurs, I think the real discussion still comes through.

Note: there is one part where I calculate it would 8 years to do all the 37 days exercises. That is a miscalculation. It is really just over 3 years, still a long time but not quite so long as recorded.

How many connections do Patti and I have? There are quite a few.

  • Her stepfather passed away at 53. My mother was the same age when she passed away in 1983.
  • Patti has two daughters. So do I.
  • She writes haiku book reviews. This was one of the inspirations for my own development of sherku.
  • Patti's stepfather passed away on October 24, 2003. Is it just a coincidence that October 24th is my wife's birthday?
We did not even get time to discuss some of these in our conversation. There will be other conversations and time to explore our connections.

So without further ado, please click to listen to Patti and I as she talks about her writing on 37 Days, how Life as a Verb came to be, and what the future holds.

I hope you enjoy the conversation!


A recorded phone conversation with Patti Digh, author of 37 Days and her new book, "Life is a Verb". There are some minor synchronization issues but hopefully these will not detract from the overall discussion. We were not stepping on each other as we talked, the recording occaisionally makes it appear that way.

Time: 30 minutes, 42 seconds

MP3 File


The musical intro and closing highlights Jon Schmidt from the PodSafe Music Network where he has made available Game Day, one of his Powerful Exhilarating Piano Music pieces. I choose this particular piece to help provide a Scottish background to the conversation. One of Patti's wishes is for a Scottish accent. :-)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

This week with Patti Digh: "Life is a Verb"

This week I will help to celebrate the publication of Patti Digh's new book: Life is a Verb.

On Monday, I will publish the phone interview I conducted recently with Patti.

On Wednesday, I will dig into the archives of my prior writing about Patti and 37 Days.

On Friday, I will summarize the sherku created thus far.

If you have not had the opportunity to read 37 Days, I encourage you to do so.

If you have not had an opportunity to obtain your own copy of Life is a Verb, I encourage you to do so.

In the meantime, you can find out who else is on this month's blog tour for Life is a Verb.

Note: This endorsement is freely provided. There is NO monetary remuneration involved. It is inspired by my heart, head, and soul which has been encouraged by the Patti's wonderful writing.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Proulx family dinner

Smokey Bones only a 20 minute wait. Down the road, at another major chain restaurant, the wait was 1.5 hours. Would anything be worth waiting that long for?

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Positive Thinking Day - 9/13/08

In the spirit of positive thinking day, I also want to congratulate Connie and Joe Proulx for 56 years married on this day. Now, if that isn't a statement for positive thinking, what is?


Thank you Sony!

thank you Sony!

You can find an additional picture and recap of my good experience at this logistic marvel of a recycling event can be found here

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"Silence is a solution"

Annemeike Rodenburg calls silence the solution to all masks, patterns and conditioning, "When, in silence, you feel once again who you really are, you experience such a hugh sense of safety that problems are resolved like waves in the depths of the ocean. Silence is a solution".

From Ode Magazine, Jul/Aug issue, the article by Tijn Touber

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dodge Poetry Festival Schedule Available

Hurrah, time to pick and choose the sessions to attend!

The schedule is here

You can download a full PDF of the schedule on that link.

If you will be at the Festival, let me know and we can met somewhere along the way.

Morning outlook


Pink sky down the Franklin Line this morning.
What is your outlook for having a good day?
Find a reason to make it better than good!

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