Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rapid Fire Learning - 8 for August

Since I was one who boldly suggested that instead of 5, we go for 8 rapid fire learnings this month, to continue the theme of 8 for this month at JJL, I need to follow through.

I say, better a little late than not at all. Learning did occur all through the month so here we go.

1 - My new favorite quote:

"I think daydreaming is a distinctive mode of cognition especially well suited to the complex, 'fuzzy' problems that characterize a more turbulent business environment. ... Daydreaming is an effective way of coping with complexity. When a problem has a high degree of complexity, the level of detail can be overwhelming. The more one focuses on the details, the more one risks being lost in them. ... Every child knows how to daydream. But many, perhaps most, lose the capacity as they grow up. ..." Dov Frohman - Leadership the Hard Way

I found the quote. It caused me to find the book. I did receive the book this week and am almost through it already. It is a good and quick read. You'll hear more about this one from me after I finish it.

2 - Patience or the devil is in the details. I had the opportunity to talk with Patti Digh this week to prepare my entry in her Blog Book Tour coming up in September. She will be celebrating the publication of her book "Life is a Verb". I recorded our conversation. The conversation was wonderful, it flowed magically and we covered a lot of ground in about 25 minutes. As I listened to the recording, I was horrified to find that the software had not synchronized the conversation properly and it sounded like we were stepping over each others words. Some digging through the online support guide, revealed this was a known problem. Turns out you should only sart recording after the conversation has started. I, eager to record and not miss a single word, had started with the first ring of the phone. Patti was so gracious to do another take. This one you'll be able to listen to beginning Sep 15. Unfortunately, this one is still not perfect. The synch problem returns during the last few minutes. With a caution up front, I believe most folks will enjoy the conversation and chuckle at the unsynched closing. That is my hope! We'll see.

3 - The Superintendent of the Franklin School Department resigned this week. His resignation is effective June 30, 2009. This would be completing the third year of his five year contract. He cited the failed override as the major reason for his notice. Some town folks have called him a quiter. I do not agree with them. I understand where he is coming from. He has a choice where to work. He made his choice to come here. We were a high performing district. Now, he is making his choice to leave. His move is quite courageous and generous. He will work through this year. Provide Franklin time to find someone new. Provide time for himself to find something new. The Frankln voters unfortunately do not understand what is required to fund our school system. Maybe his move will be a wake up call.

Articles from Franklin Matters covering this topic:
4 - The Joyal Family held a reunion early this month. It rained on us but that did not stop a whole lot of good conversations. This is my mother's side of the family. We need to keep this event happening. The family had been spending time getting together for funerals (Nov 07, Apr 08) and unfortunately, 2 weeks after the reunion gathered for a 3rd funeral. Pictures of the reunion can be found on Jerry's Story.

5 - Dolores and I spent several days exploring and learning about Gettysburg. The importance of controlling the high ground. The importance of having good artillery. The importance of good communications. All these points were made clear during the week.

To summarize, a sherku: Gettysburg 2008

seven score and five years
later these hallowed grounds
still yield awesome stories

originally posted on quiet poet

6 - I have always wanted to go to the end of the rainbow, if not over the rainbow. Yes, this takes me back to the Wizard of Oz and those glorious memories. Well coming home from Gettysburg, I not only got a picture of the end of a rainbow (actually Dolores took it for us), but we drove through the rainbow!

7 - I can't go through 8 without acknowledging all the wonderful learning that has taken place on the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog as we explored 8 this month. Have you gone to visit yet? Good. I am glad. What? You haven't yet. Well, you have permission to click right over there now and start learning about 8.

8 - And last but not least, a reminder to tune in at noontime on Tuesday Sep 2nd to help celebrate the launch of Patti Digh's book, "Life is a Verb".

This is really a place holder for other items I did learn during the conversation Patti and I had this week but you'll need to wait until Sep 15th to listen for yourself.

Sorry. In the meantime, please practice patience.

What did you learn this month?

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