Sunday, August 24, 2008

In the Globe: High School Sports fees

By Lisa Kocian and Brian Benson Globe Staff and Globe Correspondent / August 24, 2008

Mark and Monica Juitt's son and daughter both go to Ashland High School, and both play sports. Between them, Nina and Tim Juitt will participate on five teams this year.

Last year, their activities would have cost the family $650 in sports fees. But this year, the school district has raised the fees and eliminated a cap on how much a family has to pay, and the Juitts are facing a bill for $1,353.

"It's a lot of money," said Monica Juitt. To offset the cost, she will not pay the bus fee, about $280 per student, and will instead drive her children to school, she said.

Read the full article in the Boston Globe here.

It is too bad the Globe does not provide a link or way to share the table of the fees charged by the high schools in the 28 communities shown in the printed version of the paper. That is a table that one should keep for reference.

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