Wednesday, July 23, 2008

wacky boat names

When recently in Chicago, Dolores and I walked from Grant Park up to Navy Pier. As we walked along the water front, many of the yachts large and small were still in their dock. Was it due to the weather (threatening) or the high cost of fuel?

The names for some of the boats caught my eye:

"Seas the moment" - nice play on words

"Au revoir" - appropriate

"Indecision" - wow, that is one thing the captain can't be in a storm or he'll lose his ship for sure!

If you had a boat, what would you call it?


  1. i'm thinking Old Yeller. keeping in mind if i had a boat i'd be old and prob yelling at whoever bought it!

  2. oh and cause the dog was pretty awesome and loyal too... :)

  3. Good question, as the author of the BoatNameBlog, I think about it quite often.

    I would probably call my next boat 'First Boat'.

    Not sure about the one after that, though. That's where it would get tricky:

    Either First Boat II, or Second Boat.

  4. You have a cool blog. Thanks for stopping by. Anchors aweigh!

  5. Thanks - feel free to add comments with good boat name suggestions, as I run out of ideas sometimes (ok, I run out of ideas more often than not).