Sunday, July 27, 2008

new understanding

While driving to the Lowell Folk Festival today, pondering many questions raised multiple times from SOBCon08 through the recent PodCamp Boston 3 - How do I distill the essence of what I do, what I want to do with my writing, with my media making?

I have my value add statement:
Personalized coaching to create the wow experience!
I have my sherku:

focus your writing, say it
all concentrated in just
nineteen syllables

But that apparently did not satisfy Liz who asked for "
some real personality and real advice".

Where am I going to get that?

Listening to my heartbeat
What moves me?

Coming to the Festival provides one clue. Music drops into that heart beat and moves me; sometimes it moves me to tears. Dale Wasserman writes:
The lyrics are alternate expressions of key moments in the play and must be obedient to the demands made of the Book .... move the story, reveal character, hit emotional high peaks. It's this latter that is the unique tool of the musical. Nothing can transcend music in twanging the heartstrings of an audience.
Reflecting upon the recent PodCamp experience provides another clue. I was pumped up all weekend; not lacking for energy, greeting, meeting folks at the registration/welcome desk. Helping them get oriented to what was about to happen. The lines I used in several variations Saturday/Sunday morning went something like this:
You're checked in now. The names tags are on the table over there. Be creative. You can also pick out a t-shirt of whatever size would be good for you or a special person to where. The food and coffee is on the third floor. You can take the stairs over there to go up. Everything else is happening between here and there.
So how about combining the good experience with the music of life?

Let's try:
Revealing the good experiences in the harmonic beats of everyday life!
How does that work for you?

Do that help you understand what I am about?

Please let me know!

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