Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Twitter tools "found" at PodCamp

I am a sometime Twitter user so the use of this tool at PodCamp this weekend did not surprise me. It was heavily utilized at Boston 2. What I did find this time around were some of the other tools that have taken place around Twitter, two of them you might find useful:

1 - sumize or search.twitter.com/

You input a particular tag (i.e. PCB3) and it will provide all those tweets so tagged. It will also update and tell you x amount have arrive and if you refresh, they will be viewable. For a conference like PodCamp it was easy to really keep the pulse on what was happening (at least for the portion of those tweeting). While in the fish bowl, one must remember that one key reason why there is a PodCamp is that not everyone knows about these tools and that is why they are attending, to find out.

2 - tweet later or TweetLater.com

Say you have a series of updates to provide to a group and want to get them out at a specific time but can't coordinate the efforts of several people to all provide the updates at the same time for you. Use TweetLater. The sessions for each day were all queued up to be sent out timed to arrive so folks would know what is happening. for the few schedule changes, those tweet laters were edited to provide the correct update. Again, the only issue with this use at PodCamp is that we also need a low-tech version of providing updates to folks.

What twitter tool or tools do you use?


  1. Very nice - thanks for posting this, Steve. I have a fond hatred for Twitter, and love it when someone else has discovered a way to make it easier.

  2. Dwayne, a "fond hatred"? that is intriguing.

    I use it occaisionally. It can be a time waster. It is blocked by the company firewall so I only get some exposure in the off hours and weekends, and at places like PodCamp where it is more useful than a nice to have.