Friday, July 11, 2008

dark reading

No, this is not when you pull up in a corner with a good book and you get so into it, it doesn't matter that the sun has set and the room is darker than when you started making it hard to read the words on the page.

No, this is dark and scary stuff. Good food for conspiracy theorists but with a dose of reality, as in, this stuff is happening around the corner.

Recent updates:
Trojan Attacks Multimedia Files Stored on Hard Drives

JULY 10, 2008
| Infected audio and video files show no signs of malware, but are lethal when shared with other users
Congress Opens Debate on Behavioral Advertising

JULY 9, 2008
| Businesses say tracking users' online behavior is a benefit; privacy advocates say it's a threat
FasTrak Toll Hacked, Exposing Privacy Dangers

JULY 9, 2008
| Researcher finds electronic toll tag vulnerabilities in Black Hat 'Highway to Hell' research
iDefense Revamps Bucks for Bugs Contest

JULY 8, 2008
| Changes aimed at making
vulnerability research 'sexy' again, iDefense says
Vendors Issue Massive Simultaneous Patch for Common Internet Flaw

JULY 8, 2008
| Design flaw in DNS protocols could have been used to redirect traffic across the Internet
That should provide some taste of the dark reading available in the IT security world.

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