Friday, July 25, 2008

5 for Friday

Helping to catch up what I am finding that you might finding interesting, here is 5 for Friday:

1 - "I like spoken word because it only requires you and your voice." read more about Jon Goode here

2 - "Women are leaving corporate America in droves," says Herrscher. "Technology will allow it. Generation X and generation Y want that balance of family and work. We watched our parents who blazed the trail. But we see what it did to their lives. We need to figure out how to do both." Read more about Robin Herrscher and Today's Momma here

3 - "The director of a leading US cancer research institute has sent a memo to thousands of staff warning of possible higher risks from mobile phone use.

Ronald Herberman, of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, said users should not wait for definitive studies on the risk and should take action now.

He said children should use mobiles in emergencies only and adults should try to keep the phone away from the head."

Someday, we will get this answer settled. In the meantime, check out the remainder of this article here.

4 - People who are walking around cities often need point-to-point directions just as desperately as those in cars. Google (NSDQ: GOOG) figured this out, and has added walking directions to its Maps service. After a few test runs, I can say with confidence that it does a pretty good job, at least in NYC.

Read the rest of the initial review of Google's walking directions here

5 -Here’s the deal: BeMyRecordLabel is where you get to be my record executive. I’ll consult with you and involve you in lots of the creative decisions as well as the ups and downs of making a CD. You get to join in as I make it.

Read the posting by Christine Kane here and go to BeMyRecordLabel here


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