Sunday, June 01, 2008

Home sweet home

The hectic travel (both business and personal) schedule experienced over the past 6 weeks is not complete. It was all good and full of wonderful learning. Much writing to catch up on now.

For those interested in the Franklin Override coming up June 10th, the audio segments for the information session held on 5/28/08 are now available. Posting these segments pushed Franklin Matters over 700 posts since it began in November 2007. So if you thought I have not been writing much here, that may be a bit of the reason why.

The West Point graduation this weekend saw the Baslocks get together to congratulate Nathan on his great accomplishment. Second Lieutenant Bastien is now off for 60 days of vacation time before heading to work on a Fulbright Scholarship in the Netherlands in September. What an honor it was to witness this graduation! Pictures and some video (with a little luck) will be coming up this week.

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