Friday, June 13, 2008

5 for Friday

5 for Friday, lets catch up on some good ones I found recently:

1 - some personal financial advice:

If I could only share one piece of personal finance advice to grads or to just about anyone, it would be this:

Only borrow money to pay for things that increase in value.

It's a short list: your business, your house and your education, mostly. Stocks if you're smarter than me. That's pretty much it.

From Seth Godin, read the full posting here.

2 - a new word, busker:

My favorite busker this year was a very young woman - maybe 12. Long blond hair in a pony-tail. An unspectacular costume - black pants and beige sweater. She unfolded a small silver performance pad, placed a huge pink ball in the middle, and dropped a hula hoop over that. Then she took a fiddle out of its case, and tuned it.

And then - quicker than I can describe - she somehow was balanced atop the ball - rolling it forward and back - while keeping the hula hoop going - moving it up and down her body - while playing a lively tune on her fiddle and singing. Amazing!

From Robert Fulgham, read the full posting here

3 - some advice on strong passwords

Google engineer HongHai Shen wrote a blog post about password security on Wednesday, acknowledging that fanatical devotion to strong passwords -- generating a random eight character string every two or three months -- probably isn't necessary for everyone. But he still believes passwords should be chosen with care. "Whether it's for your Google account, your banking center, or your favorite store, choosing a good password and keeping it safe can go a long way toward protecting your information online," he wrote in his blog post.

From InformationWeek Daily, read the full article here.

4 - A good idea to help exercise

Well, not exactly what you might think. Elderexercise, is an idea that Claude of Blogging in Paris and I are trying out with a small group. Some of us need a little more than good intentions to exercise on a regular basis.

It's simple enough. On a closed blog, each participant identifies goals--lose five pounds within the next couple of months or use a pedometer to keep track of walking.

From A Little Red Hen, read her full posting here

5 - an idea to recycle a stadium?

The Guardian reports on an emerging scheme to make London's stadium for the 2012 Olympic games a portable affair. Post-Olympics, they would deconstruct it, and send it to the next Olympic city host (perhaps Chicago). Reduce, reuse, recycle, indeed.
Read the full article from the Artful Manager here

Enjoy your Friday!

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