Saturday, May 03, 2008

SOBCon08 - live blogging - Wendy Piersall

Wendy Piersall

"everybody is here for a purpose"

eMom renamed as SparkPlugging

built a blog network, up to 17 authors, 15 blogs in the network

time to give it up and let someone else do it (yes, my line on this is -> "facilitate the network and then let the net work")

get out your comfort zone

"who are you not to be?"

you have to open up!

moving through this stuff takes time, the BS filter in your head is tough to defeat

How you define success?
How you define success is really important.

set big goal, set little milestones along the way

story coming

"give more you", you'll be amazed at how all this stuff will fall into place

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